Double Trouble

Two shorts for you this week. One loosely based on a true story, and one a little more out there.

“More please,” he said, wriggling his foot under the afghan.

She rolled her eyes, “You’re lucky I love you,” she said. She opened the hope chest, pulling out a heavy quilt and draping it over him. He smiled but gave another little wriggle.

“And you have to promise to tell me if you get too hot,” she said, looking down at him with her hands on her hips.

“It’s negative three out. I’ll be fi-” SLAP. A red mark bloomed across his cheek as she held her hand up, tempting him with another.

“Want to try that again, slut?”

He blushed, trying to lift his arm but not able to get it up to his face.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. Of course, I’ll take good care of myself for you and let you know if I’m overheated.”

“Good,” she said, grabbing their weighted blanket and draping it over the others. “This one by itself is already heavier than they recommend.”

“Yeah, I guess they didn’t include a blanket-bitch like me in the focus group,” he said, trying to shrug under the weight but barely able to wiggle.

“You know, we have hundreds of dollars of perfectly good rope and cuffs, and I can fuck you in those. I hope you’ve been practicing your tongue exercises.”

“Every day, Goddess.”

She dug around in the closet, coming back with a pair of heavy flannel sheets and sliding them over the top. “How’s that?” she asked.

He wriggled his foot again, though clearly with a bit of difficulty this time. “If there were only one sheet, you’d be able to see how much I like it. But I’d love some more if you want to give it to me.”

She smirked and climbed onto the bed, her nightie riding up a little to give him a peak past her thighs. “You’re awfully demanding tonight. If you weren’t weighed down by all these blankets, I’d think you wanted to top for a change.”

He smiled up at her, not quite matching her smirk. “I’ve gotten good reviews when I’ve tried. Probably because I had a good teacher.”

“Mmmm, I’ll get you another one if you promise to do something for me after I put it on.”

“You know I’d do anything I was ordered anyway.”

She crawled over him, making sure to take her time as she straddled his head, grabbing a duvet from the floor. She tugged it up and then leaned down, cupping his chin in one hand before whispering in his ear.

He struggled under the blankets for a moment.

“I can’t get out,” he said.

“I know,” she said, pulling the nightie up and over her head.

“I couldn’t stop you even if I wanted.”

“I know,” she straddled his face, slowly sinking into a deeper and deeper split. “Now show me that tongue work. Do a good job, and then I’ll give you the other half of your treat.”

He didn’t get to give much of an answer. His mouth was covered, and his tongue quickly too busy for even a, “Yes, Mistress.”

He slipped into the bathroom when he heard the water turn off. Already undressed, he’s just standing there, cock half hard as he strokes it when you get out.

“I just washed up,” you say.

“I know,” he says.

“My date is in like ten minutes.”

“I hope he doesn’t come early then.”

You look up at him for a minute, debating trying to beg him off. It won’t work. You don’t want it to anyway. You drop your towel, reaching up to rub your breasts as you stare at his cock. That gets it to jump a little bit.

“Sink,” he orders simply, walking around behind you.

You bend over, both palms on the bassinet, wriggling your ass a little.

He slaps you hard on each cheek before lining up, not wasting any time.

“Are you really just going to shove it in and pound me like a fucking fleshlight?” you ask, a moment before his dick slides into your pussy. He grabs your hair and yanks it up so you can see your faces in the mirror. He’s smirking. Of course. You’re gasping as you try to work through the pain and pleasure that’s overwhelming you.

“Yes. Because you’re still soaked from earlier, I don’t want to make you too late,  and because you love it.”

You can’t argue with any of that. Partially since it’s true, partially since even a “fuck me!” is pushing your vocal capabilities at the moment.

“Squeeze my cock, slut,” he growls in your ear. “Unless you want to be late for your date.”

You do want to be late. You want to be here, being fucked over a sink like a slut in a club bathroom, for the next twelve hours or so.

“Were you planning on getting him into your pants? How do you think he’ll feel when he sees my cum dripping out into your panties? Maybe you should skip the panties so he can feel it on your thigh if he gets handsy.”

Of course, you were going to get him into your pants. But forget about that club slut bullshit. Going on that date sounds lovely.

“Yes?” you groan out. “No?” You’re not even sure which question you’re answering when he does this. 

He slaps your ass again. “Squeeze,” he orders.

You do, thrusting back on him, trying to get him off as soon as you can. You’re already late. He probably texted you. And you don’t have makeup or anything, and now his hand is on your neck.

“You’re thinking about something other than my cock, and that’s wrong. I can see it in your eyes.”

Cock. Neck. Not much else in your head anymore.

“If you’re cumming, it’s about time,” he says, reaching his free hand down to rub your clit.

“Oh, shit, yessss,” you moan, slumping forward, so you’re right against the mirror.

His cum sprays into your pussy a moment later. He helps you back up, maneuvering you onto the edge of the tub to sit for a minute. He quickly lifts one foot, then the other, sliding a pair of panties up, so you don’t lose a drop. 

“Thank you,” you giggle. He’s always ready for this kind of thing.

“Happy to help,” he says, leaning down for a peck on your lips. “I’ll go let him in and keep him busy while you finish up. And I owe you a better fuck later. I know that wasn’t up to your usual standard.”

You shake your head as he opens the door. Your usual standards are pretty high…

“I love you!” you call as he turns the corner.

“I love you too!” he says, popping his head back around.

Hope you enjoyed them both. This is the last one of these for a while. Come back the second and fourth weeks in April for my next chunk of solo content! -Richard

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