31 Questions: Day 29

Marquessa Matthews challenged herself and other bloggers to answer 31 questions during the month of March. You should check out hers and comment below with a link if you’re playing along!

31 Questions
March 2021

March 29 – What’s the most out-of-character choice you’ve ever made?

Jayden: Leaving my marriage of over a decade. Everyone who isn’t super close to me was very shocked. A few people who are close to me were shocked. But, in the end, it was a well thought out decision that was the best thing for myself, and I needed to make myself a priority. That right there was the thing that made it out-of-character. I always put everyone else before myself–their needs, their wants before my own. And for the first time in my life, I realized that I wasn’t happy and that I deserved to be happy.

Richard:  Ever? I don’t know, that’s a lot of decisions. In the last year or so? The way Jayden’s and my relationship began was very unusual for me, and I usually wait more than three months before I move a new partner in.

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