E is for Electricity

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Welcome back to our kinky little floor show. Hopefully today’s feature will be positively electrifying! As always, hit those likes and comments. I’m extending my offer of free ponies to everyone if I win.

E is for Electricity

by Richard

The Dungeon Mistress smiled and yanked him forward a spotlight center stage. “Uh oh, folks. This one’s got some fight in him!” she called.

The crowd roared, and she tapped the wand against his side. 

Once they made it to the spotlight, she rose a hand above her head and snapped. Seconds later, a Saint Andrew’s cross descended from the ceiling, landing behind them with a thud. She lifted Phillip’s hands above his head, securing one on either side.

“Let’s leave his feet for now,” she said to the audience. “It’s more fun to watch him squirm that way.”

She paused for a moment while the audience cheered, then reached over to open a flap on his bodysuit on his chest. She touched the wand against his nipple and pressed the stud sending a shock against it. Phillip arched against the bonds, a low moan flowing past his gag.

“Told you he liked it,” she said. She reached out and pinched the hard nipple, twisting it lightly. “So pathetic. Do you want me to hurt you some more, boy?” she asked.

He shook his head, but she opened the flap on the opposite side, sending another jolt there. Phillip squirmed harder.

She pulled back, turning to the crowd again. 

“You see, I’ve played with this particular slave before. He’s one of our most pathetic little worms, aren’t you, slut?” She reached back behind her, stretching until the heel of her shoe was against his chest.

“He’ll whine, groan, and tell you he hates being played with this way, but let’s see how he really feels…”

She turned back around, cupping his crotch through the suit and giving it a playful squeeze.

“Oh yes, we’ve got a live on here,” she said.

She opened that flap as well and waved for the camera operator to get a nice close-up on his cock, which was hard and pulsing with need.

“Look at that,” she said. “It’s a pretty nice cock, I admit. Shame it’s wasted on a useless little bitch of a man. Maybe someday, he’ll learn how to make good use of it, but for now…” she slowly slid the wand down his length, teasing the tip against his balls.

The crowd roared, many of them jumping to their feet when she finally pressed the button, sending a charge into his balls.

Phillip cried out, his free feet stomping against the floor as his arms wrenched in his bonds.

“If I can’t enjoy your dick, you certainly shouldn’t be able to either,” she said, slipping the wand partway up the shaft and triggering it again, sending him into another round of desperate convulsions.

“Of course, for as much as you whine about it, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

She teased his tip with a few small circles before shocking it as well. His whole body went as rigid as his cock, and she leaned to whisper in his ear.

“If you can hold it for these next two, I’ll let you go on number three. How’s that sound, toy?”

Her microphone caught his muffled assent as he nodded desperately in the suit. She took a step back, taking a double-handed grip on the wand like a sword, aiming for his balls for the first shot. Before he was even done spasming, she was moving up the shaft for number two. Finally, she returned to the head, stepping to the side before zapping him there. A moment later, cum sprayed out of his tortured manhood, splattering across the stage in front of them.

Holding her wand in one hand, she slowly jerked his shaft, making sure all of it dribbled out before raising it to her lips for a taste. “Mmmm, tasty little toy at least.”

Join me again tomorrow for F is for Footwear! What sort of devilish delights will poor Phillip have to offer his Mistress? -Richard

4 thoughts on “E is for Electricity

  1. LOL. The plotline loses me a bit here because reasons, but now I’m thinking ponies, as in the words of one of my favorite TV characters: “everyone gets a pony and a blowjob.” I’m not actually sure I want either because both seem to be impractical for various reasons. But I appreciate the premise.


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