TMI Tuesday: June 1st, 2021

Strange, Stranger

1. If you had to lick a stranger’s sweaty armpit everyday for the rest of your life to save the life of your significant other would you do it? (Thank you Master of None).

Jayden: I suggested to Richard that we have a suicide pact in the event that this became necessary. If it came down to it, I’m sure I would do it to save Richard’s life, but like…I just can’t imagine the scenario in which this is necessary.

Richard: Are they shaved at least?

2. What is something you escaped from?

Jayden: Unhappiness. When I read the question, my immediate reaction was, “my marriage” but that makes it sound like I had to run away. My ex and I are still friends, in fact. The reality was that I had to escape from the mental image of what my life should/could be and realize that I wasn’t happy with the way it was and that only I had the power to make changes. I made a lot of very big changes in a short amount of time. It was scary. Terrifying, even. But it’s been over three months since the last major change, and I am very, very happy.

Richard: Delaware. I don’t know what was going on, but Waffle House was closed, so we were lucky to make it out alive.

3. Have you ever done an Escape Room game with strangers? Did you solve it and get out on time?

Jayden: I have! I went with friends, but we partnered up with a couple for a room that required a crowd. We did get out in time and had a lot of fun doing it! 100% will go again.

Richard: No, I haven’t even done one with friends. I’ll make Jayden take me at some point.

4. What is the strangest/craziest DM you have received?

Jayden: Years ago, my (then) girlfriend and I received the exact same message on a dating app. So we responded with the exact same message. As the conversations continued, we sat side by side and sent the exact same messages no matter what he said. We giggled and giggled, and it took him about half an hour to figure it out. I love that story!

Richard: I don’t think I’ve ever had any good ones. I don’t think my boobs are big enough. 😦

5. Do you DM strangers? Why?

Jayden: I generally choose to spend my time these days doing other things, but I have DMed strangers and I’m not against it. I like talking to people. It’s so fun to get to learn about the way other people experience the world.

Richard: How else would I un-stranger them?

6. Do you watch “Stranger Things” on Netflix?

Jayden: I haven’t, though it’s on my list of things to maybe watch when I have time again.

Richard: I did. Season 1 was good, the rest is kind of meh.

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