What’s Good Wednesday? 7/14/21

We have a new feature!

What’s Good Wednesday?

We thought that we would take an opportunity on Wednesdays to share what’s good in our lives and (hopefully) you’ll share what’s good in your lives! Please comment below and let us know what’s good! Feel free to be vague or specific. We’re just happy to share good things!

For Richard and I, our good news is that we’re enjoying a vacation together! As a new-ish relationship, we haven’t had many opportunities for extended vacations, and this has been our longest and most involved vacation yet. It’s been nice to be kid-free for a whole week (which is the longest that’s been the case, too) and spend some time focused on each other. We are definitely ready for our own bed though! Plus, I’ve gotten to show Richard around some of my favorite places in the world! Here are some pictures of our trip. And remember, let us know what’s good for you!

2 thoughts on “What’s Good Wednesday? 7/14/21

  1. It looks like you’re having a nice time! I think for me, just having the home relatively up-together is a good thing in itself. With Matt working from home it has been a lot easier because he does a bit on his lunch break as well. We were talking only yesterday about how well it has worked for us, actually. It has strengthened our marriage I think, rather than destroyed it.

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