TMI Tuesday: July 13, 2021

Do your thing. Play TMI Tuesday.

1. Does your sex life need some fantasy? What kind of fantasy?

Jayden: Fantasy is fun. We occasionally do some scenes together that have some fantasy in them. Maybe I should write up some short scenes for some.

Richard: I am clearly Jayden’s number one fantasy, but it’s always fun to add a little extra. I think the one we’ve talked about the most recently is a CNC/abduction scene, but we haven’t actually carried it out yet.

2. What is eroticism for you?

Jayden: It’s that feeling of desire, of need that will drive you crazy. Sometimes it’s just being a little more aggressive than usual. And then sometimes it’s going into a full BDSM scene.

Richard: Eroticism is the difference between just getting off to get off, and taking the time, effort, etc. to enjoy yourself.

3. You are invited to a kink party, will you go?

Jayden: I assume so. I’ve wanted to go to a kink party for…as long as I can remember.

Richard: I have most or all of the other times I have been.

4. Your lover has tied your naked body down. What do you want to happen next?
a. You get tickled mercilessly
b. You are covered in whip cream and people lick the cream entirely from your naked body
c. Bind, blind, and tease your erogenous zones with an ice cube, feather, candle wax, tongue, etc.
d. A sex toy is used to penetrate you to orgasm

Jayden: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Please?

Richard: C! Until I wriggle out, because I turn into a total brat when I sub.

5. In your sex life, do you go along with whatever your partner wants and needs or when necessary do you handle things to make sure you have thrilling sex?

Jayden: I generally don’t have to do anything to ensure thrilling sex for Richard and I. We do talk about fantasies and what we want and such, but he does most of the planning. And I like it that way.

Richard: I like to set things up myself. Since I’m the one doing most of the things, it’s better (and safer) for both of us.

Bonus: When is the last time you purchased a sex toy? What did you buy? Was it purchased online or at a store?

Jayden & Richard: I think our last one was bought online because we were looking for some specific things, but Jayden bought some in a store not tooo long ago. We prefer buying things in stores because it’s nice to see and feel something before purchasing, but the online selection is much more expansive.

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