The Hunt Pt 1.

Richard here! Welcome to the start of our next series. Way back in December, Jayden and I decided to try to write and swap some CNC (consensual non-consent) stories. For the next week or two, we’ll be looking at my entry from the “force” category, where the Dom physically overpowers the sub.

This week’s is fairly light, but TW for CNC just to be safe.

I looked at my watch. NO DEVICE FOUND showed on the home screen. My phone was with Neil in the waiting room. I was still connected to the resort’s wifi, and I swiped over to their app. Two minutes until my run started, I was in the red group. So was Mark. Please, god, let it be Mark. I hadn’t seen him all day. For once in his life, the bastard had said we’d play a game honestly and refused to coordinate ahead of time. I had no clue what he’d been doing. Doing other runs with other subs? Mapping out the grounds? Sitting in the pool with a mai-tai? 

I looked at the others, a man and a woman. Only two. It wasn’t a surprise, the red group had the fewest rules for the hunters, and most sensible people were probably getting dinner about now anyway.

The watch buzzed, one-minute warning. I made sure the armband was locked tightly above my elbow. Lose it, and I was out of the game, and then what was the point of this trip? With a hiss, the doors slid open, and I took off, running straight back towards the woods. The trails were perfectly manicured, not a single dip or root out of place. The resort couldn’t have someone fall and break their ankle, could they? That wasn’t very sporting or SSC. I ran back as far as I could, easily outpacing the rest of the prey. My lips turned up in a smile; he’d be proud of that. If I make it too easy for him, he might take the armband and send me back without even playing. I came to the end of the trail I was following, emerging near a pond.

It was beautiful, a small waterfall near the back gently running into the pool and a single rock in the center. I glanced down at my watch. About a minute until the hunters started. The little pond reminded me of a place Mark had always said he wanted to take me if I would agree to go out camping with him. I looked around, footprints (and one that was probably an ass) in the mud near the lake edge, but none looked like they were heading into the water. Shaking my head, I quickly stripped down, tossing my shoes, socks, pants, and shirt into the bushes, leaving only my bra and thong. I had better be right. I thought to myself as I waded into the water. When it came up to my chest, I dove in, swimming out towards the rock. I grabbed on, finding easy purchase. Probably intentional. The water had to be heated as well; this whole place was designed for the hunt. They couldn’t have people drowning or freezing to death. I clung to the rock, watching and listening for anyone to come out. I heard some screams off to my left. Sounds like someone found the guy. A moment later, someone crashed into my clearing. I peaked just barely over the rock. Dark brown hair to mid-back. I ducked under a moment too late, giving her time to see me if she was looking in my direction. Should I let her? I’ve never been with a Domme before. It might be a fun change. I stayed under as long as my breath allowed, sliding back up as quietly as I could and looking around. She was gone, but he was there.

“Hi there, little doe.”

Everything from my stomach down to my cunt clenched tight at the sound of his voice. I whiped around, wet hair spraying drops of water from the ends. Mark stood on the rocks at the base of the waterfall. 

“Master!” I cried, almost kicking off the rock, before remembering that he was supposed to be raping me.

“You’re lucky I was here,” he said, pulling off his shirt, revealing the little clusters of freckles on each shoulder. So fucking sexy. “If I hadn’t sent her the other way, Lara would’ve gotten you.”

I laughed a little, “How’d you know I’d be here?”

“Because I knew that you knew that I’d want you here. And even when you’re trying to get away from me, you need to give me what I want.”

I hope you all enjoyed the set up. Come by next Thursday to see what our love birds are up to. Until then, have a great weekend!

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