TMI Tuesday: December 9th, 2021

Happy December! Just a few more TMI Tuesday blogs to go in 2021.

Consider Sex

1. Do you consider your sex to be “conventional”? Why or why not?

Richard: Probably not. Walltersports are fairly unconventional.

Jayden: Not really. There are many people who have the same kinks as me, and some of them are my friends, but I still think our sex is pretty unconventional. Also, the fact that we’ve had sex over 500 times so far this year is pretty unconventional.

2. Gender Identity–How do you describe yourself? (Mark one answer)

a. Male
b. Female
c. Trans Male/Trans Man
d. Trans Female/Trans Woman
e. Genderqueer/Gender Non­Conforming
f. Different Identity

Richard: Male, more out of convenience than out of any strong preference.

Jayden: Female. I respect/support/believe people who have a different identity, but I do feel strongly that I fit the gender I was born with. (Also on that note, I don’t understand why anyone would choose to be trans. Being true to oneself is not easy in this society, which is my biggest argument for why your identity is not a choice, but simply who you are.)

3. Sexual Orientation–Are you exclusively?

a. Heterosexual
b. Gay
c. Lesbian
d. Bisexual
e. None of the above, specify if you wish.

Richard: I usually go by pansexual, but bisexual is fine too.

Jayden: I usually say bisexual because it’s the most common “I’m attracted to multiple genders” term, but pansexual is probably more accurate.

4. Is understanding the causes and effects, and the formation of gender stereotypes important?

Richard: They’re important to understand, in the same way that understanding how your plumbing works is important to understand. Actually understanding it in detail would take years of studying, but you should understand enough to know how to unclog your sink, and prevent your pipes from freezing.

Jayden: Yeah, I think so. I think understanding the causes and effects of most things is important, and it helps us to break those stereotypes by understanding where they came from and why they were formed. For example, when I proposed to Richard, some people thought it odd that I proposed and not him, but we had discussed it previously and agreed that the gender stereotype was silly, and if I wanted to propose, I could.

Bonus: Your thoughts on this–“I’m in a committed relationship, and it feels like asking for consent every time we have sex is overkill—is that wrong?”

Richard: Yes. Jayden is a massive slut, but I still think I get some kind of acknowledgement every time.

Jayden: What Richard said. I have given him blanket permission, but he still checks in, which I appreciate it. (And even if there’s a surprise scene, I always have a safe word.) Rape does happen within committed relationships all the time. Far too often.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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