TMI Tuesday: January 11th, 2022

TMI Tuesday is posted, asking you to write about your first. . .

1. First app you check in the morning?

Jayden: Whatever notification is on top, usually. Unless I see something important. Often it’s Google Chat where I talk to my best friends. ❤

Richard: Usually Discord, so Jayden can ask permission to go the bathroom.

2. First kiss location?

Jayden: Uhh, my house, I suppose. I was pretty young. Too young.

Richard: Like, first first kiss? Probably the playground in elementary school. First “serious” kiss, the banquet hall we had junior prom at.

3. First major purchase over $1000?

Jayden: I guess my first house? I don’t think any of my laptops have ever been over $1000 and I didn’t buy any appliances when I lived in the rental. Oh, my first car? But my parents bought it and I paid them over a few years, so I don’t know that that even counts.

Richard: A bed. We still have it as a guest bed. Good bed. Anne Hathaway worthy.

4. First song choice in karaoke song book?

Jayden: I usually pick My Baby Loves Me by Martina McBride.

Richard: Something fun that everyone can sing along to like Sweet Caroline or Build Me Up Buttercup.

5. First internet screen name?

Jayden: I’m not telling because I still have it on my emails and such for my real accounts, not my author name accounts.

Richard: I think it was Psycho something, and I’m pretty sure I spelled Psycho wrong, because I was like 12.

6. First break up reason?

Jayden: Distance? I guess. I mean, it was half an hour away, but when you’re young and can’t drive, that doesn’t work well.

Richard: Probably also distance. It’s hard to be in a relationship when you work and live at a summer camp, and you only get about 24 hours a week off.

7. First concert and how old were you?

Jayden: I was 10. Joan Armatrading. My mom didn’t want to go, so my dad took me instead.

Richard: I saw TSO for Christmas in my early 30s? I don’t know, I always say none of the ones I’ve been to count.

8. First crush?

Jayden: I remember him well. If I’d had a son, I would’ve named him for that guy. But he passed away when I was in college. It was really sad.

Richard: I dunno. I had a couple crushes in elementary school, but I couldn’t tell you their names.

Bonus: What was the title of your very first blog post?

Jayden: First Post! All the way back on March 5, 2015.

Richard: I don’t think it had one? It was on Xanga though.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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