TMI Tuesday: February 8th, 2022


1. How do you survive an intimacy famine?

Jayden: Apparently I find other sources of intimacy. When it was lacking in the before times, I found others who could provide it for me. I didn’t even realize it was a deficit. I just…filled in the gaps.

Richard: Snuggle the cat. And roleplaying with people online.

2. The loss of which one of these would most affect your mental health or outlook on life?
a. Loss of physical intimacy
b. Loss of emotional intimacy

Jayden: Both would be awful. I don’t know how I could exist without them. I guess probably physical since at least I have a therapist.

Richard: I’m going to go with B, only because I think it implies the loss of A as well.

3. Gives us a tip on how to get more intimacy in our day-to-day lives.

Jayden: Live with someone who you can be intimate with? I have nothing more there. Sorry.

Richard: Set a snuggle alarm.

4. Do you think modern technology helps or hinders intimacy?

Jayden: It helps emotional intimacy but hurts physical intimacy. Richard and I got very emotionally intimate thanks to the internet.

Richard: I think it mostly helps (easier to find and get in touch with people) but it can be distracting.

5. Would you utilize the services of a professional cuddler?

Jayden: If Richard weren’t available, sure. But Richard is an excellent cuddler. In fact, I’m going to go cuddle him right now…

Richard: My ex was a professional cuddler, and I cuddled her plenty of times. So, I guess that’s a yes.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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