D is for Death #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Blog Challenge, Richard and Jayden are worldbuilding! Using Rebekah Loper‘s book The A-Zs of Worldbuilding as a guide, we have teamed up to give descriptions of the world we’re creating, along with snippets of what it’s like to exist in the world. Enjoy!

Background by Jayden for D is for Death:

When a dominant woman passes away, they are given a lot of honor and respect. Ceremonies are performed for them with large parties. When a submissive man passes away, his funeral is at the discretion of whoever his Domme is. Some of them are just as lavish as those of the highest women in the society. They take care of their servants.

Story by Richard:

The mortician made her last check of Dinah’s body. She had softened her countenance a little, her normally stern impression more peaceful in death. The line of mourners, mostly the men she had dominated in life, was out the door. Each one wore the traditional black mourning veil, and little else. Other Dommes were at the front, free to have a seat and mingle after they paid their respects. Several of them didn’t bother to hide that they were examining him.

“He’s a fine one.”
“How did he get lucky enough to serve her?”

“Where was she hiding him?”

“Not much to look at, but with that veil on he could be useful.”

Once the receiving line had made its way through, the service started. Half of the men kneeled, while the other half paddled them. Fifty swats each, one for each year of Dinah’s life. Afterwards, they swapped and did it again. The Dommes picked out those they liked and honored them by giving them a hundred themselves, rather than making them swap and be beaten by men.

After the service, the most favored slaves were permitted to carry their Mistress one last time, lifting the coffin and bringing it to the grave. Some women were buried with one or more favored servants, but Dinah had simply willed a few of her best to friends or family, while releasing the rest to find new service.

Once the mourners left, the mortician went to the back and rolled out the other corpse for the day. One of Dinah’s slaves had been with her during the crash. With his Mistress dead, he’d been stored with her until the reading of her will, but he hadn’t been mentioned. The mortician rolled him out to the back door and dumped the body on the floor of a waiting truck. Hava Cadava would make the rounds of all the morgues and slaughterhouses, any slaves, offal, or other waste would be loaded into the back and then unloaded at the raptor pens for their nightly feeding.

Thanks for joining us for A to Z! Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs over at www.a-to-zchallenge.com and comment below if you’re blogging from A to Z!

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