M is for Military #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Blog Challenge, Richard and Jayden are worldbuilding! Using Rebekah Loper‘s book The A-Zs of Worldbuilding as a guide, we have teamed up to give descriptions of the world we’re creating, along with snippets of what it’s like to exist in the world. Enjoy!

Background by Jayden for M is for Military:

We already learned about the BEARS (Bondage Enforcement Armed Response Squad). They make up the majority of the military in Adirlachson. The highest officers, of course, are some of the dominant women. They direct the military into any action that needs to be taken, but given that the community is mostly hidden underground, it’s all internal struggles. They do monitor the surrounding area closely to be sure that no dinosaurs or (dare we speculate) people who don’t conform to the values of Adirlachson intrude on their community.

Story by Richard:

“Alright, BEARS, form up!” called Dominatrix-Sergeant Jessica. “Word on the street is that a pack of raptors somehow got loose down in sector thirteen. I don’t know if they snuck in, were smuggled in, or escaped from the labs, but I do know that if you don’t take care of them you’re going to wish you were sleeping with a Dilophosaurus tonight!”

“Yes, Mistress!” the BEARS called. Each one had his straps polished to a perfect shine. One of them had a raging hard on. Jessica walked over to him.

“Do dinosaurs make you horny, Johnson?” she asked. “Are you part Triceratops?”

“Ma’am, anything I can do to make you happy makes me horny, Ma’am!”

She grabbed the crop off her belt and slapped it across his balls.

“What would make me happy is if you spent less time thinking about getting pegged, and more time about dealing with dinos. I want a nice juicy raptor steak tonight, and whoever brings it to me can feed it to me if he’s a real good boy!”

The BEARS rushed into the elevator, weapons at the ready. Five of the six soldiers were armed with assault rifles, but the largest “Daddy BEAR” carried a heavy machine gun. While the assault rifles could stop most dinosaurs, including the raptors, with enough hits, the larger gun was the only thing that could stop them from being overrun by a larger beast like a Spinosaurus.

The doors opened into section thirteen. Johnson retched in the corner as the smell of death hit them. Dozens of corpses were piled in front of the elevator, ripped to shreds by the raptors. One remained, tearing into a man’s corpse. Jessica drew her pistol and aimed carefully, putting a round right between its eyes.

“Get back in position, Johnson, or I’ll pistol whip your balls this time.”

A dozen raptors turned at the other end of the street, racing towards the BEARS. They came up to a firing position and started shooting, ready to lay down their lives to defend their Mistress, and every other woman in the mountain.

Thanks for joining us for A to Z! Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs over at www.a-to-zchallenge.com and comment below if you’re blogging from A to Z!

Next up: N is for Nuptials

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