#Bloganuary 7

Hello readers! We’re here with the answer to the latest question in our Bloganuary series!

Write a short story or poem about rain.


The rain wouldn’t stop pouring outside. It had been days and days and days. All anyone wanted was a break from the rain. But mother nature didn’t comply. “Master?” I said, kneeling at my Dom’s feet.

“Yes, pet?”

“I want to be able to go outside again.”

“I know, pet,” he said, and he scritched me behind the ear.

My favorite thing to do was for Master to take me outside on my leash, sometimes making me pee outside. I loved the feeling of the cool grass on my legs and hands, tickling me as I crawled around. I loved feeling the cool breeze across my naked body. But when it rained, cool became cold and exhilarating became uncomfortable.

“Maybe I’ll make you go outside anyway, pet.”

I whimpered, but even as I protested, my pussy dripped with arousal at the thought of being forced by my Master.

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