It is (almost) that time of year again! Whoa. Where did the year go? Seriously.

In any case, as it’s October, my local NaNoWriMo group gets together once a week to Plot! It’s one of the most fun and more social events of the year. So even though we meet every week year around, October has a lot more focus.

So the other night at the event, I started throwing around ideas. Do I start a new project? Finish last year’s project? Work on the joint project with two other people (where we each write chapters)? Work on my A to Z Blog Challenge Blogs?

Keeping in mind that I am aiming to write 104,203 words (which takes my lifetime NaNo word count to 750,000 words). So some of those projects are just not long enough to make that happen.

I’ll save you the two hours of waffling between ideas and tell you what I figured out!

I am going to work on… *wait for it*… multiple projects!

I can write ~20,000 words in my group project, ~20,000 words for my A to Z Blog Challenge*, and hopefully make progress on last year’s NaNo**. And my backup plan is to take one of the stories I started in April and continue that! All the options!

*More on this idea later!

**Last year, I worked on a Choose Your Own Adventure. 100,000 words and I am not nearly done. The down side is that I have to review what I already wrote so that I’m able to continue the story.

Thanks for keeping up with my crazy plans! I’m editing and I’m making progress, and hopefully there will be some great new content for you coming before the end of the month!

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