Writing Marathon

So a few weeks ago, my local writing group and I did a 24-hour writing marathon. It was epic, as it always is. We do them twice a year (July and November).

I started, as I usually do, with a seed of an idea and ran with it. It went really well until near the end when I couldn’t decide how I wanted to end the story and I really needed words. When I am in desperate need of a surge of words, a sex scene is the best way to do that. Unfortunately, my characters were in the middle of a disagreement and they weren’t ready for makeup sex. So I skipped ahead and wrote three possible endings.

But what was interesting to me was that my character revealed to me some aspects of herself that I wasn’t expecting. I knew that she was submissive, but toward the end, she started to show some signs of being a little, too.

It’s an interesting concept, but one that I haven’t explored personally. In fact, most of my exposure has been through an excellent blog I follow. She’s just a person like you or me, but she shares a lot of her life in her blog and it’s inspiring! Feel free to point me to other resources, because when your character speaks to you, you have to listen.

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