TMI Tuesday

1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Why?
Sex is a difficult topic for partners to discuss, yet sex can draw couples closer together.

Agree – It’s funny that I’m an erotica writer, but I have a difficult time verbalizing things about sex in person with my partners, even long, long time partners. But I love sex and the connection it brings. I’m getting better.

2. Who did you first come out to and why did you chose that person?

Outside of the people who I was dating or interested in dating, I came out to my best friend since elementary school. I knew she would be supportive of me, and she always has been.

3. Has someone come out to you? What was your reaction?

Yes! I am honored when someone is comfortable enough to come out to me. I try to be open about my life and the fact that anyone can tell me things and I won’t judge them.

4. Recent studies show that smartphones are causing decreased intimacy among partners. In your relationship is the smartphone a saboteur or helping hand?

It’s a balance. We have to make time for each other, but we do it because our relationship is important. That said, bonding over memes can be lots of fun.

5. Tell us something that you do that could cause someone to say “What Will the Neighbors Think?”.

Walk someone on a leash around the yard.

6. What was your most recent motivation for masturbation?

I was so horny and I was alone.

Bonus: Do you regularly view porn? What’s regular?

Not regularly, but occasionally. I love group scenes and in particular scenes that involve public displays.

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