TMI Tuesday

1. Any sport, any athlete, who would you want to practice with?

I’m not a big sports person, but probably someone awesome and strong, like Serena Williams.

2. List the top 3 pieces of lingerie you like to see on women?

Thong, bra (so fun to have breasts spill out of them when you take it off), and thigh highs.

3. Do you pick up on subtle hints?

Usually. At least, I think so. Are you hinting at something…?

4. Are you seriously expecting an honest reply to “does this make me look fat?”

If I ask my husband, yes! I need to know before I leave the house!

5. How offended would you be if someone called your eyebrows ugly?

Considering I do absolutely nothing to them, eh. Whatever.

Bonus: Is there ever a good time to send a dick pic?

Only when requested!

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