TMI Tuesday

1. Do you have a strong imagination? Why do you think this?

I do! It’s why I’m a writer. I can’t shut off the stories. On the down side, I often imagine the abso-fucking-lutely worst case scenario. Every. Fucking. Time.

2. Are you confident?

In some things. I’m confident in my writing abilities. I’m not very confident in my musical abilities (which is silly, because I am pretty good).

3. Do you consider yourself to be sensual?
a. You bet I am!
b. Eek, no way.
c. In the right moments, I can be.

a – all the way! I love touching, cuddling, caressing, scritches. Love, love, love.

4. When was the last time you dressed provocatively to entice flirting or attention?

Um. I don’t know. I don’t often dress provocatively. It’s not worth it just to take the damn clothes off. I guess if one of my partners really wanted it, I’d certainly be game.

5. How often do you think about sex?

A lot. A lot a lot. Like, constantly. Or, almost constantly. I’m good at compartmentalizing when I do my day job, usually, but this working from home thing has even that fucked up. Focus is not easy.

6. If someone called you ‘sexy,’ what would you do?

Blush, and disagree.

7. Are you comfortable with your body?

Not particularly. Okay, not at all. I’ve been losing weight, and I’m super excited about that. But I still weigh a lot.

Bonus: Are you good at getting what you want?

Yeah, kinda. If it’s something I want, I’ve learned to go for it, but I won’t manipulate to get it. And actually, I guess that’s been something I’ve been good at for a long time. Someone I was friends with in HS (I graduated 16ish years ago) recently said to me that she was always envious of me in high school because I always knew how to get what I wanted. It was an interesting perception of me.

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