Trading Up – Chapter 5

Five weeks ago, I started sharing my novella, “Trading Up” with you. If you missed it, check out Chapter 1 Part 1, Chapter 1 Part 2, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 before reading this one! On Saturday, Richard and I will continue Vacation and come back next week for the conclusion to Trading Up!

– Jayden

Chapter 5

Once Nick and Brandon have me strapped in face down again, I wonder what will be next. I’m squirming on the bed, and I can feel the wet spot I left when I was on my back. The puddle is just going to grow more.

“You’re so sloppy,” Brandon says.

“I’m sorry,” I say, but there’s no apology behind the words.

“You should be,” he says, and I can hear the mocking tone.

Someone slaps my ass, and I’m sure it’s Nick. It feels like Nick. Nick spanks me softly at first, and then harder. I want to say that I dislike it. My head wants to say that I don’t want to be spanked while I’m strapped down like this, except my body is very clearly responding to it. I start moaning and practically humping the bed.

And then I get my confirmation that it’s Nick because I can feel Brandon pressing his cock into my hand. He’s semi-hard already, but when I wrap my fingers around him and start to stroke him slowly, he’s instantly hard. I keep stroking, slowly, not wanting to make him cum. He groans, “That feels good. I can’t wait to get your lips around my cock, though.”

“We could arrange for that,” Nick says, punctuating each word with a slap to my ass.

“As long as you trust her to be good enough not to bite me while you spank her,” Brandon says, and I can hear the humor in his voice again.

“She would never do that, would you?” He slaps me again with each word. “Hell, I could get out the cane and hit you with it, and you wouldn’t bite Brandon, would you?”

“Of course not, Sir,” I say to Nick.

“No, because you’re a good girl,” he says. I’m expecting all the hits now, and it’s just turning me on so much.

“Yes, Sir,” I reply.

“Do you want me to get out the cane?”

Ah yes, another of these questions. “Whatever you want, Sir.”

“That’s the right answer.”

I know. But I don’t say that out loud. I don’t like being in trouble. I’m a Good Girl for sure.

I imagine the two of them looking at each other over my restrained body, deciding if they want to cane me while I suck cock or not. In my head, it’s a hilarious exchange with hand gestures, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that exciting. It’s probably more shrugging and “it’s up to you” gestures.

But then I hear Nick getting the cane out, and I feel my arms released from the restraints. It takes a few minutes to position me the way they want, but in the end, I’m laying on top of a pillow that’s elevating my ass into the air, both of my legs connected to one of the straps so I can’t go anywhere, and I am close enough to the edge of the bed that I can suck on Brandon’s cock.

He presses the tip to my lips, and I open immediately for him. I love the way he tastes. I slide him past my lips and run his head over the roof of my mouth, pressing against the underside with my tongue. I hear the groan of satisfaction.

And then the first cane strike comes down. My whole body rocks, but I keep my teeth from scraping across Brandon’s cock. I take him down the back of my throat, and I can hear the grunt when he hits the back of my throat. And then the cane strikes again.

It seems that Nick is putting down measured, predictable strokes, which is unlike him, but I understand that he doesn’t want me to hurt our dear friend. I gag a little as he presses into the space right at the back of my throat. My throat spasms around him, and then he pulls back to give me room to breathe. My eyes are watering, and I swallow and dive back on. I use one hand to cup his balls, and I can feel him nearly quivering at my touch.

Nick hits me again. And again. And again. I’m getting used to the rhythm, and when I start thrusting back to meet his hit, he starts hitting me harder. Too hard. Well, okay, not too hard, but hard enough that I’m trying to get away, even though that’s not really what I want. I just need to be held down.

And Brandon is happy to oblige. He leans down over me and presses a hand to the small of my back. It’s super effective in holding me in place. I could probably throw him off if I really tried, but only probably, and I don’t want to find out.

Nick’s hits continue to get harder, and I know this can’t be a great blow job because I’m mostly just sitting there with Brandon’s cock down the back of my throat, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I lightly stroke his balls, and then I pull him out of my mouth. I imagine that he’s disappointed, but I fumble my free hand up to stroke his cock.

I slide my hand along his slick shaft and up over his head, and I hear his breath catch. “God,” he groans.

I smile to myself. He likes that. I keep going, stroking him, flicking my tongue across the tip of his cock, and feeling the hit of the cane at regular intervals.

It feels incredible, pleasuring Brandon while being hurt for Nick’s pleasure. I feel like I could do this forever. But, of course, that can’t happen.

And I feel Brandon shuddering. “Oh god,” he groans. “I’m going to cum.”

Even though I don’t intend to, I redouble my efforts, moving faster, stroking harder.

He groans, and then I get the first taste of his cum. It’s hot and warm and coating the back of my throat, and I love it. I swallow, but there’s more coming. When he’s all done, I swallow again, letting him slide out of my mouth. I reach out for him blind, trying to find his cock. He hasn’t gotten far, and I manage to lick up the stray bit of cum still oozing out of his cock. I can hear him groan and feel him shudder through the hand that’s still pressing me down against the bed.

But now that there’s no cock in my mouth, Nick has taken the opportunity to let loose on me. The strikes from the cane come faster and harder, pounding over and over again. It’s not hard enough to bruise, but it’s hard enough that I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

And then I get the hard hits, and I’m pretty sure this is the end of the caning. Being together for a long time has its benefits. Nick hits really hard, again and again. That’s three, four, and five. I’m ready to relax when a sixth one comes I wasn’t expecting. I cry out and jerk against Brandon’s hand, but he’s strong and holds me in place.

I listen as Nick puts the cane back under the bed. I sigh in relief, knowing that that part is over at least.

“How does your plug feel?” Nick asks.

“Good,” I say. Even with the caning, I haven’t really noticed the plug particularly. I’ve been too preoccupied with everything else going on.

“Brandon,” Nick says, and I know he’s telling him to do something specific that they had planned ahead of time.

I hear some movement, but I don’t know what’s going on until I’m shuffled around to be put on my stomach restrained again. This time, my ass is up in the air on the pillow, though. Fingers caress the folds of my pussy, and I moan and press back against the fingers, hoping that some of them will slip inside me, but of course, they don’t.

“Such a wet, sloppy girl,” Brandon says.

“She is,” Nick agrees. “But sometimes it’s useful.”

The fingers leave my skin, and a larger plug slides along where the fingers had been. For a brief moment, I feel the plug in my pussy, and then they’re both gone, and the larger one is popped into place.

I moan and press back against the plug. “Oh, thank you,” I groan.

I can’t stop my hips from thrusting against the pillow. I’m so worked up again.

“Look at the little slut,” Nick says.

Brandon chuckles. “That she is.”

“You would think she’d had enough with what, three orgasms already?”

“Something like that.”

“What do you think she’s going to think after her sixth one?”

My ears perk up at that, not that I wasn’t listening to their every word anyway. Six? Three more. I don’t know that I can handle that.

But I want to find out.

“Six, seven, we’ll see.” I can hear the shrug in Nick’s voice.

I hear noises that I can’t place, and then I feel the vibrations. It’s the Hitachi Magic Wand. And it’s on low. As in, they have a regulator that makes it lower than the standard settings allow. Someone presses it up against my clit, sliding it underneath me. I lift my hips to allow for it and then press myself down against it. A strong hand on my back presses me down further and doesn’t let me move. The vibrator is in just the right spot, and with my ass plugged, the orgasm is going to come quickly. When fingers slip into my pussy, I’m a goner. The spasms in my pussy force me to clench around the fingers and the plug, and I lift up, trying to get off the vibrator, but I’m not going anywhere. My whole body is twitching, clenching and tense.

The unintelligible moans turn into pleas of “Please, please, please,” but as usual, I don’t even know what I’m asking for.

But it doesn’t matter because they aren’t letting me up. I’m stuck there until they let me up. And they aren’t letting me up. In fact, a second hand presses down against my back. I can feel the difference. So, they are teaming up against me. I mean, come on, they’ve been teaming up against me the whole time. I’m aware of that, but feeling both of them pressing me down against the vibrator while I’m riding an orgasm has its own brand of arousal.

The orgasm rolls on and on until I think I’m going to explode. I’m screaming, burying my face against the bed, pulling on all my restraints. And then a hand wraps into my hair. I don’t know whose it is. I don’t care. It pulls my face up and back so I can’t muffle my screams against the bed. I keep screaming.

“That’s it,” Nick says, “let it out.” The vibrations turn up slightly.

My screams go on and on until my throat is raw, but I can’t stop. The orgasm subsides, but another one is on its heels. I feel it build and crash over me in what feels like seconds. I just keep screaming, and then the tears come. They spill down and out of my eyes and get caught in the mask, but they’re there. I can’t stop them. They turn the vibrator up again. I’m on my fifth orgasm, and my whole body is still tense.

And then, finally, the vibrations slow and then stop. The hand lets go of my hair, and I rest my head on the bed, but I can’t stop trembling.

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