Vacation: Part 3

Welcome to our next serial. A vacation cruise in eight (give or take) parts. Check back Saturdays to see what kind of trouble Mark and Ivy can get into in international waters. Catch up on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2!

Chapter 3:

Mark leaned down, putting one hand on the back of her neck and growling in her ear. “We’ve talked about this before, slut.” His voice just a hair short of sounding angry. “If you squirm too much, I can’t mark you up properly. If I miss, you won’t get the pretty bruises we both want, or I might hurt you. Do you want everyone who sees you at the pool to think your Master is careless in his beatings?”

A shiver ran down her spine at his words, “No, Master,” she said, shaking her head. The words were stunted by the gag clenched between her teeth, but he understood her perfectly.

He gave her a moment to stop shivering, then started another series with the crop. Light hits, all the way from up on her shoulders and neck, down and across her sides, and over her ass and thighs. Nothing that would leave a mark, just enough to leave her teased and tingling all over.

She tried to keep her body still, but it wasn’t easy. She wanted to buck her hips, arch her back, rise to meet every slap, making them hurt more. But she tensed her muscles, trying to keep still for her Master. She wanted to be his Good Girl.

He trailed his fingers through her hair to her neck, rubbing lightly right on her top vertebrae, just where she liked it. “That’s it, pet. We’ve got all the time in the world. You just relax and enjoy yourself. By the time we make it on deck, you’ll be covered in so many pretty little bruises everyone will want to take a look. I may even let them touch a few.”

His words turned her on more than anything else. She wanted him to show her off. She wanted him to be proud to have her by his side. She wondered if he would put her in the four-inch heels he’d bought her when they first started dating. She’d never worn heels so high, but they made her feel sexy, and she would have to cling to him on the rocking ship. She was sure he heard the happy sigh she let out, thinking about being up on deck with him, enjoying their vacation together.

And that sigh was his sign to give her the next hit. A rough pair right next to the line of the thong, right on her ass cheeks. Afterwards, he put one hand on her ass to help steady it and then aimed for the same spot again, delivering a half a dozen more solid hits, deepening the pink to an angry red.

This was the part she disliked. The intensity of the pain as he hit the same spot over and over again. She was desperate to squirm away, to make it stop, but she wanted the marks. It was worth it to get the lasting bruises. And her body’s reaction was undeniable. Her pussy got wetter by the second as the pain blossomed through her skin.

Mark slowly worked his fingers down the curve of her ass and over her thighs, slipping against the sopping folds of her cunt. “We’ll have to leave a good tip for room service. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about cleaning the sheets,” he said. His fingers slid inside her easily, distracting her from the pain but sending her squirming even harder.

The pain mixed with pleasure made her want to move against him even more, but she was afraid that he would start hitting her again and she would be in trouble. So instead, she buried her face against the bed and moaned loudly into the mattress.

Mark reached down, stroking his hardening cock, then climbed onto the bed. She could feel his weight behind her. He slapped the crop against the inside of her thighs, sending her trying to wriggle them wider in the cuffs.

She loved the feeling of the sting on her inner thighs, but it didn’t stop her from squirming. She had to make a conscious effort not to move too much. She moaned louder into the mattress, allowing herself to arch her back a little bit since he wasn’t hitting her anywhere near there.

The slaps came to a stop as he rubbed the tip over the soaking wet strip of her thong. All her wriggling had worked it between her pussy lips, displaying them obscenely as he teased them further. And then he pulled it back, letting it hover in the air inches from her cunt.

She was so caught up in what Mark was doing to her that she hadn’t noticed the thong working its way in until it was suddenly gone. She squeezed her muscles, feeling totally exposed to him, desperate for him to fill her pussy.

She should’ve known better than to expect him to give her what she wanted this soon. Instead, he flicked his wrist, bringing the leather tip of the crop down right on her pussy, the stinging pain radiating out from her crotch and firing up her spine.

Ivy screamed, not expecting the sharp sting, though she should have been. She gritted her teeth against the gag and couldn’t help but buck her hips in response. She knew Mark wasn’t going to like that, but she hadn’t had time to get her body to stop its natural reaction.

He growled, tangling his fingers in her hair, “Stay. Still.” He growled, giving a pair of light slaps to her thighs, before following it up with another across her lips.

She inhaled sharply, more prepared this time. She screamed against the gag but managed to keep her thighs parted, giving him full access to her cunt.

Mark climbed fully on top of her, kissing along the curve of her ear, “Mmmm, I can feel how hot you’re getting,” he said. “At this rate, you might just explode before I even fuck you. Wouldn’t that just show what a sloppy little slut you are for me?”

She moaned loud and long into the mattress, the sound coming from deep in her chest. His words often had that effect on her. And they were true–she was a sloppy little slut for him. And he did have the power to make her explode with barely a touch.

Mark reached up, undoing the ballgag. She couldn’t see his face, but she could hear the smirk in his voice, “Sorry, slut. What was that? I couldn’t quite understand you…” He slapped her cunt again, a bit more lightly this time.

She worked her jaw a little bit, loosening it up after having been in the gag for so long. “Yes, Sir, I am your sloppy little slut.” She groaned again, feeling dirty for saying the words out loud.

He smiled, nibbling at her neck as he slid his cock between her thighs, “But now we have a problem, slut. How am I supposed to get your panties off? I can’t pull them down with your legs in the cuffs…” he reached out, hand sliding into the toy bag and coming back out with a small piece of metal about the length of his fist.

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