TMI Tuesday: March 9, 2021

Oh you sexy thangs!

1. Pick your next sexual encounter. Only pick one, then tell us why that is your choice.
a. Blindfolded during oral sex
b. Sex in a hot tub
c. Sex in an elevator
d. Phone sex
e. Bringing in a third party

Jayden: Sex in a hot tub! I just need a hot tub. (Okay, so I would prefer a whirlpool bathtub. Much more sanitary.)

Richard: Sex in an elevator! That confined space, and sometimes mirrors, make it sound sexy. It’s mostly private, but in a public place. Also, it’s the only one I haven’t done. Gotta try new things.

2. When could having sex with an ex be a good thing?

Jayden: I have a good physical relationship with an ex before. He and I were not a good couple. But the sex was good. Being friends with benefits worked out well for us for a while, and now we’re actually friends.

Richard: Sure. I’ve had ex-sex with about half my exes, and I don’t think I ever regretted it.

3. Have you ever had sex in a public toilet? No judgment. (Oooh you nasty!)

Jayden: Only oral. Actually, we might have tried for more, but we only did oral. Teenagers!

Richard: When I was in college, my girlfriend and I were both RAs. Since I went to the worst university on the planet, we didn’t get our own rooms. We did, however, have access to the master keys, and there was a public bathroom that was always locked. We let ourselves in a few times when we couldn’t get rid of our roomies.

4. Car sex is hot or not?

Jayden: Ehhh. Usually it’s too crowded in the car and uncomfortable. I might be a bit *cough* of a pain slut, but that’s not a good type of pain.

Richard: I’ve tried once or twice and always gave up since it was a pain in the ass, so I guess not.

5. What is the most appealing thing about you?

Jayden: I’m a friendly person who likes to smile a lot. I like making other people feel good–sexually and not sexually.

Richard: I think it’s my energy. I’m good at getting people to get out and do things they want to do, but need a push for.

Bonus: Some time ago in Geneva, Switzerland, a coffee shop opened where you can get a hot, delicious cup of coffee, with a side of hot, delicious blowjob. That’s right, after you order your coffee you use an ipad to select the sex worker that you want to have give you the blowjob.  A – Would you visit this coffee shop? B – Would you get the blowjob?

Jayden: Well, I don’t have a dick, so… But let’s assume that they mean you get oral from a sex worker. Sure, why not? Sex work is legitimate work and should be treated as such. No shame!

Richard: A: Sure, why not? B: If I only went once, yes. If I was going regularly, I’m sure not every time. I’m curious how it’d be with a professional. I’ve never been able to climax from oral, so maybe this would be my chance.

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