31 Questions: Day 10

Marquessa Matthews challenged herself and other bloggers to answer 31 questions during the month of March. You should check out hers and comment below with a link if you’re playing along!

31 Questions
March 2021

March 10 – Have you ever been genuinely afraid for your physical safety?

Jayden: Yes. And I have often thought of it as the beginning of a great rape story, though this wouldn’t have been consensual non-consent, so the fear was VERY real! I was going to give you a bonus story today, but I decided to save it for April’s A to Z Challenge!

Richard: A few years ago, I slipped in the shower. All I could think about while I was falling (which felt like it took like two minutes) was a girl I went to college with who broke her neck the same way. Luckily, I landed on my badonkadonk, and it absorbed most of the blow with minimal issues.

4 thoughts on “31 Questions: Day 10

  1. I find it impossible to imagine a “great” rape story. Though if it ends with the rapist getting debowled and dying in agony, I suppose maybe.

    Shower falls are really scary. When I was young, we had a bathmat with like 100 suction cups under it. That thing was evil. Once the water was on, it would float like a surf board. Or a bug would come out from under it. I eventually ripped it out of the tub every day before showering. Eventually enough cups broke off that my mom had to toss it out. Awww darn. 😉

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