Vacation: Part 9

Welcome back to Vacation! We’re excited to share with you our next installment following Ivy and Mark on their cruise. If you missed it, start back here, and here’s a short summary to remind you of what’s happened so far:

Mark and Ivy decide to book a cruise and get away for a while. When they arrive in the room, he surprises her with a new leather collar. After some fun in the room, they head to a show at the ship’s theatre and meet Stephanos, a bartender who is happy to help Mark tease Ivy. They use a remote control vibrator in her panties to make her cum during the show. Afterwards, Mark takes her out on the deck underneath the stars and makes her take her top down before fucking her. As they wrap up, they hear someone calling, “Hello there!”

It was Stephanos.

Ivy breathed a sigh of relief, her bare chest heaving. “Stephanos, you scared me!” she hissed.

He smirked at her and shrugged. “Sorry.”

Mark pulled out of her and pulled his pants back up, “Good evening, Stephanos,” he said with a grin. “Enjoying the show?”

“Of course. There have been a lot of nice things on display tonight, but this has been the most,” he hesitated, “titillating.”

Mark smirked, putting one arm around Ivy’s waist. “We were about to head back to our room. Would you like to join us?”

He glanced at his watch. “I don’t see why not. You two are a lot of fun, and I can only imagine how much more fun we could have in private.”

Ivy looked up at Mark with wide eyes. Had he really just invited Stephanos to come back to their room? Was he going to want to have a threesome, or was Stephanos going to watch?

“So, what’s the best way to head back to the room if someone lost their top and didn’t want to be seen?” Mark asked Stephanos.

Stephanos thinks for a minute. “I can take you a way that most guests don’t travel.” He looks at Ivy, “but she’s still wearing a top.”

“Give Stepanos your top,” Mark ordered. “He can keep it as a souvenir of our trip.”

Ivy blinked at Mark a few times, but she knew better than to argue. “Yes, Sir,” she murmured as she pulled it up over her head and handed it over. Even though her breasts had been bared to the world for a while up here, this was different. She couldn’t just pull it up if someone came along. She would have to… what? Hide behind one of the guys, she supposed, but that wasn’t a foolproof plan. The whole thing made her very anxious and very horny.

Stephanos took the top without a word, but he appreciatively looked over Ivy’s bare breasts, her nipples hard and her breasts perky. They looked like they would be fun to play with.

“You know, she’s already gotten fucked quite a few times tonight. Maybe you should take a turn, Stephanos.”

At first, Ivy thought Mark meant that Stephanos should fuck her, but then she realized that Mark was suggesting that one of them fuck Stephanos. As she realized what Mark had in mind, a smile played on her lips. “I would be down for that, Master.”

Stephanos looked from Ivy to Mark and then said, “That would be great. It’s been too long since anyone’s fucked me. Let’s go,” he said, and he led them down a back hallway that was open to the public but seemed like it shouldn’t be, so it wasn’t widely used.

They slid into one of the staff only corridors. There were no other guests back there, but at one point, they saw one of the cooks. Mark shoved Ivy against a wall, and he and Stephanos stood in front, blocking her from view.

Ivy’s heart was pounding. The encounter left her breathless and her thong soaking wet.

Once the other crew member passed, Stephanos waved them through a door, which emerged in the corridor a few doors down from their room.

Ivy was anxious to get behind the closed door and had the key out and swiped it open. She stepped inside and breathed a sigh of relief at not being exposed in public anymore, but she had to admit that she loved every second of it. Then men walked in right behind her, and the heavy door sealed shut behind them.

Come back next Saturday, May 8th to find out what happens when the three of them end up alone in the cabin!

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