Vacation: Part 13

Our real mini vacation was lovely, but it’s good to be home! We didn’t get any votes on who should win the bet in the story, so we made a choice. We’re excited to share with you our next installment of Vacation. If you missed it, start back here.

Ivy waited with bated breath to see if Mark would go back to playing with Stefanos and give her a fighting chance to win the bet. She wanted to cum so badly, but she didn’t want to get punished for it. If she could just hold out a little bit longer, maybe she could keep her orgasm at bay until Stephanos came.

Mark didn’t say anything, keeping them both in suspense. He slowed the blowing on her nipple while rubbing Stephanos’s cock a bit harder. In the end, he decided it wasn’t fair to sabotage her in front of a new partner.

Ivy breathed deeply, trying to keep her muscles relaxed so she wouldn’t orgasm. Stephanos’s skill with his tongue was proving difficult to ignore, but at least Mark seemed to be going easy on her. It was with great relief that she realized Stephanos seemed to be having difficulty focusing on pleasing her now that Mark was jerking him off in earnest.

Mark clucked his tongue at Stephanos. “Letting your Mistress win, or just not able to keep up?” He asked, rubbing a bit harder to punish the bartender for not pleasing his Domme enough.

Stephanos’s face was buried between Ivy’s thighs, so he didn’t respond verbally, but he did try his best to focus on licking Ivy. Ivy let out a loud moan, trying desperately not to cum, but she knew she couldn’t last much longer.

Mark rolled his eyes, “Neither of you is actually trying to win. You’re just trying not to lose until I get the other one.” He sped up on both of them, trying to get both of them off simultaneously and as soon as possible.

Ivy whimpered and arched her back, trying so hard, but feeling the orgasm rising regardless. “Master,” she moaned, “please.” She was almost incoherent.

“Please what?” he said with a laugh. “Even if I give you permission to cum, Stephanos still wins if you cum first. Or do you want me to stop?” He did, pulling away from both of them slightly.

Stephanos took that as his opportunity to try to push Ivy over the edge. His tongue pressed against her clit, licking hard, and she moaned and arched against him. “Master,” Ivy gasped out, “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely…” Mark said. He leaned back down and bit down hard on her nipple, pulling back on it.

She moaned loudly, and even though she was still holding onto a sliver of hope that Stephanos was going to cum first, she was far too close for comfort. She tried to writhe away from his tongue, but he was attached to her like glue. His fingers thrust in and out of her cunt, Mark bit on her nipple, and she knew that she couldn’t hold back. She didn’t even want to hold back anymore. She felt like if she didn’t cum soon, she was going to lose her mind.

Mark reached down, tilting Stephano’s head up a little and pressing him against her even harder, making sure he hit just the right angle. “Cum, my sloppy little slut. Make a mess all over our new boy toy’s face!”

Ivy didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care if she lost the bet. She just needed to orgasm. She closed her eyes and sunk deeper into the feelings. Pleasure and pain, all mixed together. Just that second of focusing made her orgasm wash over her. She moaned and bucked against Stephanos, feeling herself gush all over his face, just as her Master had commanded. Her muscles were clenching, and she couldn’t stop herself from trying to knock him off of her.

Stephanos rolled off, laying on his back next to her. Mark switched away from Ivy, wrapping his lips fully around Stephano’s cock and starting to bob up and down rapidly. The bartender’s cock tapped the back of his throat on each downstroke.

Ivy tucked herself up against Stephanos’s side so her mouth was right next to his ear. “He’s good, isn’t he, Stephanos?”

Stephanos groaned, “Yes.” He ran his fingers through Mark’s hair, not pushing on him, just guiding him lightly as the other man sucked his cock.

“Cum, Stephanos, cum for my Master.”

Mark’s mouth was too full of cock to say anything. He simply plunged all the way down, taking the tip into his throat while swirling the tongue near the base. After all this teasing, it couldn’t take the bartender long to explode in his mouth.

Stephanos was moaning, his eyes closed, and Ivy took the opportunity to nibble on his ear as she murmured, “That’s it. Be a good boy. Let Master taste your cum. Good boy. Cum for him.”

Mark let out his own groan, followed by a slight gag as Stephanos’s cock pulsed, filling his mouth with cum. Mark pulled back, keeping only the tip in his mouth, sucking every drop out, then turning to face Ivy, lips already half-open as he leaned over to kiss her.

Join us on Tuesday for TMI Tuesday, the next chapter in Jayden’s short series on Thursday, and see how Ivy gets punished on Saturday!

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7 thoughts on “Vacation: Part 13

  1. Love it! I’ve only just caught up with your stories but I love the way you managed to flip this and make your situation work, sans votes. There’s also something incredibly sexy about pushing a man over the edge of orgasm, as a female 😉 wonderful work. I can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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