TMI Tuesday: June 8th, 2021

Hello. TMI Tuesday anyone?

1. What do you have against reality?

Jayden: Sometimes reality is unfair and sad, and I hate that. That’s why all of my fiction is happily ever after.

Richard: It’s 2021, and I don’t have a flying car or live on Mars, or of that cool stuff.

2. Do you feel like you are maintaining a healthy balance between leisure, time for self, career, physical activity, and those you care about?

Jayden: Much better than I used to. I need to do more of the physical activity stuff.

Richard: Not at the moment. Moving and grad school are too time consuming.

3. What is a fantasy you have that you really want to come true?

Jayden: Gang bang. At least, when we’re talking about erotic fantasies. I’ve heard they’re not all they’re cracked up to be, but I feel like once might be fun.

Richard: (Jayden has “wanted” to do a gangbang for as long as I’ve known her, but she always gets really quiet when I mention setting one up.)

I’m sticking with owning a flying car here.

4. What is the most impulsive thing you have ever done?

Jayden: Uhh, I’m not a super impulsive person.

Richard: I volunteered to be in a dunk tank this weekend.

5. You are being given an all expense paid vacation, and you must leave for vacation tomorrow. Considering your current mood, state of mind, feelings–will you take the vacation alone, with a friend or with family? Why? (Choose one)

Jayden: I don’t like to do anything alone, particularly. I’m much more fond of going with a friend or family member. It’s fun to share the experience with someone else.

Richard: Do I have to go at all? I guess I’ll take Jayden, but I’d really rather just stay home. I have too much to do to get drug out on a vacation.

Bonus: How do you feel most of the time? Happy? Anxious? Satisfied? Sad?

Jayden: Happy. My best friend calls me the Sunshine.

Richard: Bored.

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5 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: June 8th, 2021

  1. You’ll have to teach me to be less impulsive. Sometimes I can be quite analytical, but sometimes… ! I also love that you are both open and hones with one another with your kinks. My other partner, Bill, knows about my medical fetish and he loves to tease me about it. Matt’s not interested in it in the least, but Bill will casually through it in just to see me stumble!

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    1. Well, we met as friends and fellow writers, and we both write smut. So it was easy to be honest about our kinks because we often wrote them. Early on, we did a lot of, “Okay, let’s write…this kink.” And sometimes one of us wouldn’t be as into it as the other or one of us wouldn’t be into it at all, but it turned out that the vast majority lined up nicely.

      The other fun thing to do was, “Write your ideal sexual encounter that involves X” and then we could compare. There are definitely kinks I’ve never explored with anyone else, and many I would never have wanted to explore if you had asked me a year ago. But Richard brings out the kinkiest side of me, and I love it. 🙂

      (As for teaching you to be less impulsive… uh. I overthink *everything*. I’m not sure how NOT to do that!)

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      1. Oh I see! That’s interesting, and what an interesting way to get things out in the open? I think a lot of mine have come out from my journal, or by things that get thought up during sex. Sometimes I’ll try to repress them because I think Matt won’t like an idea but he’ll insist that I tell him. So far, I think the only thing he won’t consider is roleplay and that is purely a confidence thing. It does disappoint me a little, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

        Now that would be an interesting exercise, but I fear that I would outnumber Matt because because there would be at least two for me that couldn’t be interlinked, and whereas I’m the sort to put all of my cards on the table, I think Matt wouldn’t want to push too hard for fear of offending me. He’s very conscientious and a bit of a sweetheart like that 🙂

        I know the overthinking curse, it took me years to overcome it and I think, losing my Dad, too. I needed something that would make me say “f*ck it” and live for the day and unfortunately, losing him had to be it. I know that sometimes he would worry about me but to date, nothing has happened so far that I couldn’t get out of. Even our bill last month, he would have done exactly what my Mum did because he would have seen that it wasn’t my fault, though I would have gotten my ass whooped about better budgeting and it’s something that I strive to do now!

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        1. It was a good way to start things out, even though that wasn’t our intention at the time.

          We also did a checklist of kinks. That was fun! I forget where I found it. (Email me at jrvincente@gmail and I can share!)

          I’m pretty good about balancing, I think. I’ve had a lot of change in my life in the last year. But I’m happy. My therapist has been impressed that I’ve made some big changes with confidence.

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