TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

It’s Personal

1. Describe your phone lock screen.

Jayden: It’s a very pretty blue and white and green swirly background.

Richard: The default one.

2. What does your favorite coffee mug or tea cup look like? Post a pic.

Jayden: Well, I’m on vacation, so I can’t share a picture, but I like BIG mugs. Like, double size mugs.

Richard: We are on a writing retreat, which is clearly work, not vacation. My favorite mug is from the indie bookstore/cafe I worked at in college. I mostly drink wine out of it, since we used to keep a bottle under the counter for after hours.

3. Tell us about a regional food favorite of yours that you think the world simply must try.

Jayden: Pierogies! Dough stuffed with potatoes and sometimes cheese and/or onions. Delicious! I didn’t realize how regional they were until I went away to college and a lot of people hadn’t heard of them. They’re nearly a staple at home.

Richard: Soft pretzels. No one knows how to make them here. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s boiled bread dough. I’m going to make my own out of the sourdough someay.

4. How often do you journal?

Jayden: I used to journal weekly. Not so much anymore, but I did for years.

Richard: Neverish. I think the last time I sort of kept one was for a few months like two years ago.

5. How often do you blog?

Jayden: We are on a 19 day streak! It was 3 times a week before that, but I’ve really been trying to post every day.

Richard: And I try to do my other blog about once a week. Vacation and residency and everything has been a pain for that though.

Bonus: Does your blog act as your journal?

Jayden: Sometimes. Sometimes I write journal-y things. And actually, stay tuned because in August, our Saturday feature is going to be a journalistic account of Richard’s and my relationship. Oooooo.

Richard: I have a tab called “Erotic Journal Challenge” open right now, so I guess so.

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5 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

  1. I loved reading your answers as always. You two have such a fun energy and it’s really great to read.

    We have big mugs in our kitchen too, though it’s because my mother calls anything else a “thimble” haha. I actually don’t drink many hot drinks anymore (says she not having long put away half pint of tea)), usually my water bottle is full of blackcurrant squash – especially in this summer heat!

    I can’t wait to read more from you both and I hope you have a lovely vaca… Ahem, I mean writing retreat 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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