TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

Time to share, it’s TMI Tuesday!

1. Tell us about something you absolutely will not share.

Jayden: The Batman Pants! Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear the story soon.

Richard: I don’t have an answer to this, so I’m just going to ask Jayden if she’ll share The Batman Pants with me. BECAUSE THEY ARE MY PANTS!

2. What is something you do not like to share but will begrudgingly do so?

Jayden: Richard’s food. It’s so good I want to eat it all. Tonight it was quiche, and oh my god. It was delicious.

Richard: Valentine’s candy. It’s adulterous.

3. What tradition makes you feel at home?

Jayden: I’m trying to think of non-holiday traditions, but that’s the biggest one that keeps coming to mind. I really love my family’s traditions for Christmas. We fill stockings for everyone and people open each item one at a time. It takes hours, but it’s so much fun. Most of the stuff is silly, some of it is useful, but it’s always a great time.

Richard: Laying on the floor and having my cat come head butt me as hard as she can.

4. What act/words/place makes you feel sexy?

Jayden: The way Richard looks at me like there’s nothing more in the world he wants. It’s so hot. The dark eyes. And then the way he holds me… Yeah. There’s nothing like it.

Richard: When Jayden puts her collar on. High up hotel rooms with floor to big windows.

5. Rank the following in order of compatibility you think you have with your significant other (or think about your most recent S.O.).
1 being most compatible, 5 being least compatible:
emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially and sexually

Jayden: most: emotionally, sexually, intellectually, spiritually, financially: least

Richard: most: sexually, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, financially: least

For the record, we answered this blind so that neither could see the other’s answers until we’d written them. They look fairly different, but the only actual difference is where we put emotionally on the list.

Bonus: If you had a 25-hour day what would you do with your extra hour?

Jayden: Play the piano. I keep wanting to and just not getting to it!

Richard: Write, hopefully. Jayden would probably make me spend it making quiche though.

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One thought on “TMI Tuesday: July 20, 2021

  1. I mean in fairness, Batman pants do sound pretty awesome. I have Batman pyjamas and they are so comfortable. I also caught Matt watching the animated Harley Quinn last night, and knowing quite a bit about it. That’s impressive for a Marvel fan!

    I also love Christmas. Every year, we all converge on my parents’ house and it’s so great with plenty of laughs. Last year, my mother thought that the bracelet she bought for my Christmas cracker was too cheap, so she added an extra £30 inside and she still won’t let me give it back. The bracelet is a beautiful heart-shaped Shamballa-style bracelet and I don’t care how much it cost her, I wear it anyway. It’s her 60th next month and she wants a Tree of Life jewellery set. I’ve never made jewellery before but I have a month now to pull it off. How hard can it be?

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