TMI Tuesday: August 3rd, 2021

What did the Olympic size swimming pool say to the kiddie pool?

I can’t be your friend anymore you’re just too shallow!

Hehehe! It’s time for TMI Tuesday.

1. Are you watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? If yes, in which event are you most interested?

Jayden: I’m not. I have watched others in the past, but I just don’t have the time. In general, I like swimming and gymnastics for the summer Olympics.

Richard: No. I’ve never really found a good way to watch them. NBC tends to mostly show the sports I don’t care for, has too many ads, and I don’t care enough to figure out and pay for a subscription.

2. Have you ever been to the Olympics, tried out for the Olympics or do you personally know an Olympian? Which one?

Jayden: I haven’t. Someone in my family has done the Special Olympics though, so that was cool.

Richard: I do. My middle school gymnastics coach was on the 1952 US team.

3. Do you admire any athletes? Why?

Jayden: Sure. No one specific, but professional athletes are incredible. Actually, let me take that back. I think what Simone Biles did with taking care of herself first was impressive. I haven’t followed her career particularly, but it sounds like she’s a smart woman.

Richard: No, and I’ve never really understood people who do. Outside of the top 0.00000001%, sports are a means to an end, not an end themselves.

4. How do you think people find something to be passionate about?

Jayden: I think it comes down to trying different things. There have been things I thought I would hate that I turned out loving, but I never would have known if I hadn’t tried.

Richard: I don’t know. I’ve never been a passion person. My parents made sure I was over that kind of thing by the time I was in middle school.

5. What sport or activity do you like to do often?

Jayden: I’ve never been into sports, particularly. It just wasn’t my thing. I liked playing basketball as a kid, but I’m really short, so that didn’t stick. I was more musical, and have continued playing the piano as an adult.

Richard: Anything involving frisbees.

Bonus: Are you who you want to be?

Jayden: I’m trying to be. I’m learning a lot about myself and trying to make sure that I am who I want to be. It’s not easy!

Richard: Nope, still here.

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