TMI Tuesday: August 17th, 2021

Happy New Week. TMI Tuesday is posted.

1. What did you do on your very first date?

Jayden: I have no clue. Probably the mall or the movies or something. I was pretty young.

Richard: We went to Barnes and Noble.

2. Which gift would you like to receive most from your significant other:
a. $10,000 Diamond
b. $10,000 vacation
c. $5000 in cash

Jayden: b – I’m all about the experiences and experiencing things together.

Richard: Also B. A 10K vacation is a kick ass vacation, a 10K diamond isn’t even big enough to be cursed or anything.

3. Fill in the blank:
The day I get/got married _____ .

Jayden: I was too young.

Richard: I’ll probably just be surprised it’s happening.

4. What is the first thing your significant other notices about someone attractive walking down the street?

Jayden: I assume thighs and ass since that’s what he likes the best.

Richard: I’m gonna say their beard for me. I don’t know for women.

5. Which adjective category best describes you?
a. Sophisticated
b. Down home, down to earth
c. Sensuous

Jayden: b probably. I’m not very fancy usually.

Richard: B? I don’t know, I don’t feel like any of these.

Bonus: What is the worst thing you or someone could eat in bed?

Jayden: Anything that makes crumbs, but crackers especially!

Richard: Hot sauce. If you spill some and roll on it later, that’d be awful.

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