TMI Tuesday: October 26th, 2021

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1. What’s for breakfast?

Richard: My favorite thing to make for breakfast is a curry hash. If I don’t have time to make it myself, it’s usually just a granola bar, piece of fruit, etc.

Jayden: “If I don’t have time to make it myself…” meaning whatever I put in his lunchbox. 😉

If I have time, I love to eat a bowl of cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite. Otherwise, I love omelets and hash browns and bacon.

2. Three words you don’t want to hear during sex.

Richard: Is it in?

Jayden: Is that blood?

3. Stupid shit you shouldn’t do but do anyway. List two.

Richard: Throw things off the loft, and eat too close to bed.

Jayden: Eat when I’m not hungry and spend money when I shouldn’t.

4. One thing you love to hate.

Richard: The Bachelor

Jayden: I like to say I hate exercise, but honestly, it feels good.

5. Today is a great day for _____ .

Richard: Learning how to em dash.

Jayden: The Bachelorette!

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