TMI Tuesday: November 2nd, 2021

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1. You found bags of money, in an empty storage room. It appears to be around $100,000 cash (usd). Do you:
A. Take the bags home, count the money, roll around in it, and day dream about how you will spend it

B. Get the hell out of the storage room, leaving the money behind.

C. Take a little money to pay some immediate bills, and maybe enough to cover one nagging debt.

D. Call someone whom you trust and ask their advice on what to do.

E. Take the money to the police and explain how and where you found it.

Jayden: D. I am terrible at making decisions!

Richard: B, 100K isn’t obvious inciting incident to a mob thriller money anymore.

2. Have you had your wallet stolen?

Jayden: Lost, yes. Not stolen.

Richard: Maybe? One time all the money was missing from it. On the one hand, the odds of getting pick pocketed and having my wallet put back minus just the cash seem pretty thing. On the other, I have no idea where $100 or so went.

3. Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? What happened?

Jayden: Nope. Thank goodness.

Richard: I’ve had a card hijacked once or twice, but it was always caught before it was an issue.

4. How do you let loose?

Jayden: Music and maybe some alcohol.

Richard: I just rail Jayden really hard.

5. Finish the sentence: People often say to me _____ .

Jayden: “You look happy!”

Richard: “You’re looking very submissive and breedable today.”

Bonus: Do you have a lot to say?

Jayden: Always.

Richard: Usually

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