TMI Tuesday: July 12th, 2022

Looky Looky

1. What movie dialogue do you know by heart?

Jayden: The first one I ever learned was The Lion King. I was probably 8 when I started literally writing the dialogue down in a notebook… I probably still have it somewhere.

Richard: Star Wars (probably ANH) is the highest percentage. The Transformers (80s, not the Michael Bay disaster) is up their too though.

2. Which show do you watch the most?

Jayden: The Bachelor franchise. I know it’s trash TV, but I love the drama.

Richard: Probably King of The Hill. I’ve watched the whole thing front to back multiple times, and clips of it come up pretty often in my feeds to add on.

3. Do you get shy on camera?

Jayden: Not too shy, but I often hate the way pictures of me come out.

Richard: I’m bad at smiling, so I always try to stick something in my mouth.

4. How often do you take selfies?
a. Once a week
b. A few times a week – Jayden
c. Every day
d. Never – Richard

Jayden: I try to take selfies to share when I’m out doing fun things.

Richard: Very occasionally I’ll initiate one if Jayden and I are out somewhere, but basically never of just me. Usually she asks for one first.

5. Do you like being watched?

Jayden: Not especially. It depends on the situation…

Richard: Usually. I like attention.

Bonus: What’s the last thing you got in trouble for?

Jayden: Umm… I lost track of time when Master (Richard) told me to come upstairs in 30 minutes. I was probably on Facebook. Whoops.

Richard: Horseplay at the hotel pool.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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